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Performance Riding School - Level 1 - $350.00
  Level 1 riding school is directed at the sport bike rider who is interested in learning how to control their motorcycle better. The track sessions will teach all of the basic skills that work as a basis for all performance riding. This class will transform your riding and give you confidence both on the street and the race track. If you are looking take your riding to the next level, this is the class for you.

Performance Riding School - Level 2 - $350.00
  Level 2 is directed at Novice, Intermediate Racers, and those who have completed level 1. This class takes the basics that have been learned and adds in the more advanced techniques that are used to shave off some seconds from your lap times. This class is offered in FULL DAYS only due to the advanced nature of the class. This course will give you a edge on the competition.

Race School - $425.00
  The race school is designed to teach all the safety aspects of competitive racing as well as give you the riding skills required to attain your race licence. This Course consists of 2 days. 1 day (4-5hrs) of classroom discussion. And 1 full day of race track practical instruction. This course will give you a running start for your racing endeavours.

Basic Suspension Setup
  This class deals with familiarizing you with your suspension components and how they work. You will be shown how the suspension on YOUR motorcycle works as a system and how you can make changes to positively affect that system. The class will educate you on basic setup ranges and setting as well as teach you why those settings will work. Basic Suspension Setup is a must for all sport bike riders of any level.