Proudly a BMW Performance Riding Center with expert level instructors creating safe, competent, and fast riders. 2024 dates are now in the sign up page!!


OnTrack Performance is a motorcycle racing school taught exclusively by Expert Level racers.  We can cater to any skill level and create a class that will help each student succeed. Your learning is our business and we pride ourselves on creating safe and competent riders.


Our teaching comes from both success and experience on the track.


OnTrack head instructor is Justin Knapik whose accomplishments include:

  • 2011-14 Western Canadian Expert Superbike Champion
  • 2011-14 EMRA Expert Superbike champion
  • 2014      Open Superbike Champion
  • 2013-17 Fast 25 Champion
  • 2023     Open Supersport Champion
  • 2023 Senior Open Champion 

Justin and his team will lead you through each step of your learning. The Skills that Justin uses to win championships is what he teaches to OnTrack students. Our Instructors are all Expert level racers who have mentored under Justin, each of these instructors are hand picked for their abilities as a teacher and a racer with whom you can trust. 


From beginner racers to those looking to just shave a few hundredths off their lap time


We offer four classes at OnTrack Performance:

  • Performance Riding School - Level 1
  • Performance Riding School - Level 2
  • Semi Private (2 students - 1 instructor)
  • Race Licensing School

To learn more about our courses or to book a spot please see our classes page



Don't wait, our courses book very quickly! Our students LOVE the experience and the results.



    • "I approached Justin about my goals to win two intermediate championships and overcome some mental blocks. Justin shared some very relatable experiences that helped me balance all the variables I faced. I’m glad to have worked with someone as passionate about racing as he was and forever appreciative of how invested he was in helping me achieve my goals. " Paul Macdonell - 2021 Intermediate Superbike champion, and Open Supersport Champion
  • "He has a way of making overly complicated techniques on the track make sense in a way that will help you to build up your confidence at a pace that you are comfortable with. After every instruction or paced lap I felt myself feeling more in control and able to push harder."

    Nick Popik2007 EMRA Rookie of the Year
  • "In one session on the track I learned more from Justin than I did from an entire day of instruction at a different race school."

    Stephen Curial
  • "I've had Justin as an instructor on my first lap of my very first day at the track, as a racer entering my first race and as a more experienced racer looking for an extra edge over the competition.....he has always adapted his teaching style to my personality and riding ability....He is able to diagnose a flaw, give the exact advice required and I am able to enjoy immediate results."

    Dave Beeler
  • "I took Justin’s Level 2 and Race School this spring after riding for 3 years. I learned a great deal more about what my bike is capable of, correct body position while cornering, understanding the suspension of the bike better and much more. This season (2008), after being instructed by OnTrack Performance Riding School, I had my first Novice race and finished in 5th and 4th place, and looking for the win next round. OnTrack is definitely a winner!"

    Trevor PruttonEMRA #101 (red)
  • "Even before race season even started Justin began to assist me by helping me prioritize the items i needed and did not need to begin racing. He also helped out by completely sorting out all the minor details of race preparing my bike and explaining all the reasons why you need to do so. Then throughout the race season his easy manner, patient teaching technique and extensive track knowledge aided me in drastically lowering my lap times. This teaching was expressed in a safe and user friendly manner that first kept safety in mind and second was easy to understand and apply practically. I was extremely fortunate in having a great instructor like Justin to take me under his wing and teach me. His teaching has paid off as I have enjoyed two amazing race seasons in which I have won the Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association Rookie of the Year in 2006, numerous podiums both in 06 and 07 and consistent and competitive fast lap times in both EMRA and CMRA organizations."

    Jay KwantesAmt #12, EMRA 2006 Rookie of the Year
  • I took the On Track Performance Level 2 race school half way through my first year of racing and it helped my riding in many different aspects. The course really helped me focus on better body position, braking and consistency. After the school I found myself to be more confident in what my bike and I could do. Going into my last race of the season I took what I had learned and received my first third place podium. On Track Performance has made me a better rider and would highly recommend the wide variety of courses to any kind of rider.

    Jesse Coombe #752009 Intermediate Rookie Of The Year
  • "I never had any interest in riding on the track until I saw Justin teaching a group of women while there one weekend. It gave me the push to try it and I am go glad that i did!! Justin was so attentive to each person in the group. He worked with everyone individually so that all levels of riders got what they needed out of the course. It didn't matter what level of rider you were, he found a way to help you improve and learn while having a ton of fun in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Money well spent!!!"

    Dana Coombe
  • I took the class in summer 2008 and recommend everyone take it. I have been riding since 1992, but still came out of the class with added confidence and alot better riding technique. Justin is a perfectionist and it shows in his ability to work with people begnners to veterans. DO IT!!!

    Doris Eacott
  • I can't say enough about this school. I once was a girl terrified of cornering but Justin's gentle teaching style changed that in 1 short day. I now feel that i actually RIDE a bike (although I have been riding on the streets for 5 years). My riding has changed so much so that I have purchase a racebike and am taking Race School just one short year after his class. Thanks Justin.. for the addiction.

    Lorna Stelmack